Lions District 201Q2

Lions District 201Q2

North Queensland - Australia and Papua New Guinea

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SMiLE originated in the preparation of the 2012 58th Brussels European Forum Social Media seminars. During these preparations we found it hard to get information about European Lions using Social Media successfully. Information and guidelines on Social Media are scattered and knowledge on initiatives to start using Social Media in Lions is not shared. We felt the need to safeguard and share the gathered information and contacts for the use of all Lions.

During the 58th Lions Europa Forum in Brussels 2012 and with the endorsement of the Social Media seminar attendants, the Lions European Council accepted the proposal to create a ‘European web platform for all information about Lions Social Media’ named SMiLE.


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We were a global community long before there was a worldwide Web. And now, it’s easier than ever to connect with Lions – anywhere there’s an Internet connection.

We’ve created this Online Community to help you share your stories, photos and best practices. Network with other Lions on the Web. And find out about the latest Lions Clubs International.

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Recommended Social Media Guidelines for Clubs

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Lions Clubs International Perspective on Social Media
LCI is enthusiastic about social media because experience shows that it can help clubs connect with people who share their desire to serve and who care about causes they support. Moreover, social media can enable clubs to speed up communications among club members and their communities. LCI is increasing its use of social media for the same reasons. By "social media," we mean new Web 2.0 applications that let people to share digital text, graphics, audio and video content and to express themselves by commenting on content or others' comments. Some well-known social media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace, Foursquare and Orkut, as well as blogs. Many forums and websites have social media features, too. Both of the latter have existed for decades, but social media is making them more popular. Websites are social if they enable comments on their content.

Guidelines for the Public
At [Lions Club name], we strive to nurture a vibrant and robust community, and we are enthusiastic about using social media to open new channels of communication and collaboration. Social media can help us to communicate better about things we care about, so we can work together to make things happen. Since social media are new to most of us, we have created these guidelines to help everyone understand some basic rules. When participating in [this site name], please keep these guidelines in mind:


Guidelines for Club Members
Club members, In addition to the above guidelines, please consider these:

Guidelines for Club Social Media Coordinators
In addition to the above guidelines, club social media coordinators are administrators of club social media presences and have special considerations:

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Keep in mind that each person who signs up for Facebook has one account with login information. Each account can have one personal profile and manage multiple Pages.


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Multiple Facebook profiles can be set as admins on a Facebook page. All of these admins can manage and update the page

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Facebook page can not invite people to like them, Instead a person must ‘like’ the page in order to follow its updates

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