Lions District 201Q2

Lions District 201Q2

North Queensland - Australia and Papua New Guinea

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Electronic Dissemination of Lions Clubs Emblem

Any reproduction of the Lions Clubs International emblem or other emblems of Lions Clubs International may be downloaded by Lions members from the official format of the emblems provided on the association's Web site. These are the only emblems that may reproduced electronically or otherwise, including sites on the World Wide Web and other areas on the Internet.

You can download the full range of Lions logos including Leos, Lioness' and the various foundations here

Club Websites

In the past, after the compexities of actually creating your own club website, one of the struggles about managing a club website has always been keeping it up to date.   You needed some fairly good, if not advanced, computer skills within your club to make this happen.   You then had the ongoing expenses of web hosting and domain name registration.

This has all changed!    The new district Oz Clubhouse program makes it really easy for your club to both build and maintain their own Lions Club website.  You no longer need to be a computer expert, just some basic computer skills, some imagination, and some perserverence are all that are required.     And best of all, this is all FREE!   Your website is hosted by Lions at absolutely no charge to the club.   A document containing detailed instructions for creating and editing your own club website can be download here

There is also a fairly comprehensive Help Page available which is updated regularly to help Webmasters with solutions and tips and some great videos on how to best use the system.


So take the plunge and give it a try - you can't break it if you make a mistake!   If you get stuck, have questions or need assistance, you can always contact the 201Q2 IT & Webmaster Chairman - Amanda Wilson on for help.


Getting Your Club Started on Facebook

Social networking is a great way to connect with your members, publicise your events and recruit new Lions and Leos.   If your club is thinking about taking the plunge online, LCI offer a variety of resources to get you started.   In this 1 hour video tutorial, you will learn how to set up a Facebook account.   Once you are there, like the LCI Facebook page to receive updates and breaking news. 

For any questions or assistance regarding Facebook, you can contact the 201Q2 IT & Webmaster Chairman - Amanda Wilson on 



Gettting Your Club Started on Twitter

Todays technology tools allow us to communicate instantaneously with our members and supporters. Social networking makes it fun and easy to network and stay connected. Using resources designed for Lions, the process is simple as well. In this step-by-step video, you will learn how to sign up for a Twitter account and start tweeting to the world. Once you are online, follow @Lionsclubsorg for updates and breaking news. Lions can share their service project updates with@lionsclubsorg on Twitter by using the hashtag #WeServe.

For any questions or assistance regarding Twitter, you can contact the 201Q2 IT & Webmaster Chairman - Amanda Wilson on 

Click here to watch a really good Lions presentation on this.


Lions Learning Centre

The Lions Learning Center (LLC) provides Lions with the opportunity to develop leadership skills through online learning courses.   Courses are categorized by four key skills: Leadership, Managing Others, Achieving Results and Communication.   These courses typically take 30 to 60 minutes to complete.

You need to register to participate


Resources for Running Lions Clubs

For a great selection of tutorials, documents and planning advice are available at the Lions Australia Resource web page and also at the Lions Club International Club Resource web page

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