Lions District 201Q2

Lions District 201Q2

North Queensland - Australia and Papua New Guinea


Membership information for all Lions and those interested in becoming a Lion.

We are only custodians of our Clubs for the future, grow now for healthy clubs to hand over to the next generation.

Volunteerism has been estimated as worth over $40 billion across Australia each year!

Lions Membership
* increases our volunteer resources
* reinvigorating and regenerating as a significant and relevant force in our community
* attracting more people especially women as members and leaders
* involving young people and families

Your amazing support will help Lions grow...
Fun, Friendship, Sharing, Caring, Achievement, Challenging, Leadership, Ideas, Training, Teamwork

Make a difference...
"One can do a little
Many can do much more!"

March to May Membership Campaign




March to May Membership Flyer

For more informaiton contact - Membership Coordinator: PDG Gary Kenny P: 07 4957 8042 M: 0402 081 960 E: or your local Zone Chairperson

The search is on for the happiest Lions Club in Australia and PNG

Images of Happy Lion

Entries close on 21st of April for the Award for the Happiest Lions Club in Australia and PNG.  All you have to do is:

1. Answer 5 simple questions on why you are the Happiest Club, and

2. Put together a 30-60 second video showing us why you are the Happiest Club.

A video using someone’s phone is perfectly OK.  (It’s not the Oscars!)

The winning club will be announced at the Echuca 2016 Convention. Further details and prizes are in the explanatory e-brochure.

Lions Happiest Club AwardHappy Club Flyer

Be quick and be happy! 





To enter, just answer the 5 questions below and email your answers, together with a short 30-60 second video of your club having fun (a smart-phone camera will do), to the Lions National office by 21 April 2016 -

The winning club will receive 3 x Melvin Jones Fellowships and 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive special commemorative plaques.

Competition questions

  1. Happy Lions clubs enjoy being together. They work together, play together, and enjoy leisure times together. What does your club enjoy doing together?

  2. Happy Lions clubs are flexible and share responsibilities. How is your club flexible when it comes to sharing the load?

  3. Happy Lions clubs share a sense of humour and laugh together in troublesome moments. How has having a sense of humour helped to smooth a potential issue? Could your club be the happiest Lions Club?

  4. Happy Lions clubs admit to problems and solve them. Tell us about a problem within your club that has been solved by working together.

  5. Happy Lions clubs are inclusive and accepting of others. How is your club welcoming and accepting of difference? (For example does your club have people that are of a different nationality, gender, age, or abilities?)

Don’t forget the video!! 30 to 60 seconds of your club enjoying a laugh, a bbq, a meeting, dinner, a picnic, a project or a joke,….the list goes on…

Winning clubs will be formally announced at the Convention and the winning video will be screened to delegates. In the event a club is not available to receive the award at the Convention the club’s District Governor will accept the award on the club’s behalf.   

Membership Matters


How are you and your club going with our major Membership Growth campaign for this year? One month has already passed, and I would hope that all clubs are now well into their own “recruiting and club awareness activities” as part of the campaign.

If you or your club is struggling for ideas, perhaps a couple of these tips and “best practice” from other successful club promotions may help:-

One of our clubs – Rollingstone And District – recently held a “Bring A Friend” night. Members were encouraged to identify neighbours/friends/new arrivals in their local small community and to pass those details to the Club’s President & Membership committee. Experienced Lions then met with the prospective new Lions to explain what Lions do, and from there they were invited to the Club’s Dinner Meeting where a short, sharp overview of Lions was presented. The result – 10 (TEN) new Lions were inducted on the night across a range of ages (24, 30, 39, 6 in the 40 – 60 group including a family couple, and one very active octogenarian) and thus changed the dynamics within the club. At the same time they have also doubled the membership of their small Leo’s club with 3 new members.

If you have any questions in regard to the above activity and would like to run it in your Club, please do not hesitate to call Rollingstone President John Holliday (Mob 0414 808483).

And if you have any good news stories or best practice that you would like to share, please contact me. I am only a “click” of the keyboard or a phone call away!

PDG John Muller OAM

National Membership Coordinator MD201

M: 0407 114687      E:

Club Excellence Process

Achieve Club Excellence

The Club Excellence Process (CEP) is a fun, interactive process that brings members together to look at what your club is today and what it will be tomorrow. It gives you the tools to strengthen your service, improve club effectiveness and enhance your membership experience. CEP is the perfect resource for any club that wants to achieve excellence!

To learn more, read the CEP Overview.

We’ve made it even easier for your club to participate by offering two versions of CEP to choose from, CEP Pro and CEP Lite:


  • Have a trained Lion facilitator come in and guide members through the workshop.

CEP Lite

  • Have a member of your club lead the workshop.

Community Needs Assessment 

How are your ratings