Lions District 201Q2

Lions District 201Q2

North Queensland - Australia and Papua New Guinea

Health Informaiton

Lions Medical Research Foundation Ambassador Program

The Queensland and Northern New South Wales Lions Medical Research Foundation Ambassador
Program engages Lions members from the Q Districts of Queensland and Northern New South

Lions Clubs of Queensland and Northern New South Wales are the constituent members of Lions
Medical Research Foundation (LMRF) and as such are vital to the ongoing success of the Foundation.
Commencing in 2018, the Ambassador Program announced its first Ambassador as former LMRF
Chairman PDG Austin (Aussie) Lanphier.

Aussie and other Ambassadors will work with the Foundation and the Directors from their District
and LMRF Staff to increase visibility, and build and maintain relationships across Lions, Lioness and
Leo Clubs.


AUSTIN LANPHIER - Lions Club of Townsville Northern Suburbs, District 201Q2
JOHN BURNHAM – Lions Club of Samford, District 201Q3
TIM HANNAY - Lions Club of Rockhampton Fitzroy River, District 201Q4


LMRF Update


Q2 Directors
Di Pyers - Lions Club of Townsville Mt Stuart
John Holliday - Lions Club of Rollingstone



The Queensland & Northern New South Wales Lions Medical Research Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the provision of funding for world class medical research that improves the standard of health for all Australians and people throughout the world. For information, visit


Lions Medical Research Foundation receives no Government funding, and funds are sourced by donations, bequests, investments, Awards, an Annual Appeal (Spring for Research) and special campaigns and programs. All money raised funds panel-approved early career medical scientists in their quest to build a team of medical researchers and develop cures and treatments across a broad range of medical studies.  


The Foundation currently funds 3 researchers:-

Dr Tracey Bjorkman – researching hypoxic ischemia in premature and newborn babies

Dr Nadeeka Dissanayaka – researching anxiety and depression in Parkinson’s disease and Dementia patients.  

Dr Carlos Salomon – researching early detection tools for ovarian cancer patients.

For information on researchers, visit



Lions Medical Research Foundation also has a commitment to the SPARQ-ed (Students Performing Advanced Research Queensland) program which is a unique educational facility founded as a partnership between the University of Queensland Diamantina Institute and the Department of Education and training located with the Translational Research Institute (TRI) in Brisbane. Students from around Queensland are offered opportunities to participate in week-long programs that allow them to conduct an experimental project in conjunction with one of TRI’s world renowned biomedical research groups. To encourage participation across Queensland, Lions Medical Research Foundation, offers scholarships to students from regional and remote Queensland designed to assist in costs associated with travel and accommodation. All students who receive a scholarship agree to share their experience with their local Lions Club.

For information on SPARQ-ed, visit



LMRF currently offers the following awards: -

For information on LMRF Awards, visit

Follow the Foundation on Facebook at

Queensland & Northern New South Wales Lions Medical Research Foundation
ABN: 63 009 946 481


Health Group A

Coordinator: Bill Firth (Gwen)  Club: Mackay North

P: 07 4957 7067 E:

Health Group B

Coordinator: PDG Aussie Lanphier (Toni)  Club: Townsville Northern Suburbs

P: 07 4779 9756 E:

As we approach the Biggest BBQ held each April to fund Childhood Cancer, it is pleasing to note that the following Clubs have filled out their Intention to Participate Form and are now entered in the draw for a $2000.00 BBQ Kitchen.
These Lions Clubs are Cardwell, Whitsunday, Malanda, Milla Milla, Northern Suburbs, Ingham, Collinsville, Edmonton, Innisfail, Castle Hill, Alice River, Mareeba and Alligator Creek (Branch). Hopefully there will be more as the closing date is not until the end of May, plenty of time to get involved with this great Lions project. When you are holding the BBQ take some photos and send them to me, they will most likely find their way onto the ALCCRF Facebook or Website.
These events are also a great time and opportunity to have some Membership Brochures available.
The Lions Medical Research Foundation Art Union is now closed and will have been drawn on 26th April, I do not have the names of Clubs who have participated in selling tickets but once they come through you will be advised, I cannot stress enough that Lions Clubs should participate as much as they can in Lions Projects, it is family first when it comes to donating to worthy causes.
Last issue of the Northern Lion I did mention supporting our Foundations by purchasing Awards for Club Members and those in the Community who have supported your Club during the year, there is not much time left to order as most of these Foundations would need 4-5 weeks turn around, it is now 9 weeks to the end of June for Handovers but if you are having this earlier I would suggest you arrange to purchase these presentations at your next Club Meeting.
Please let me know if I can help in any way with Order Forms if you cannot download from Foundation Websites, they all have one so it is very easy to participate.
PDG Aussie Lanphier
District Q2 Health Projects B

Lions Eye Health Projects

Chairperson: Irene Braddick (Martin)  Club: Tully

P: 07 4068 9986 E:

Lions Eye Health Project - We aim to reduce the number of individuals affected by eye disease,  Our community education program encourages individuals with certain risk factors or over a certain age to seek regular comprehensive eye examinations, Please let Irene know if you would like her to speak to your Lions Club about this program.

Also our Recycle for Sight program where we collect unused glasses for the poor and needy. These are two very good  projects that you Lions Club could be involved with.