Lions District 201Q2

Lions District 201Q2

North Queensland - Australia and Papua New Guinea

District Governor

District Governor

District 201Q2 2017 / 18

Lion Bob Roberson

Townsville Ross Valley Lions Club


Profile - Bob Roberson

Although born in Lithgow NSW and growing up in Wollongong NSW, Bob Roberson has lived most of his life in Queensland and backs the Maroons. He has been divorced for more than 25 years and has two adult daughters and four grandchildren. Many in North Queensland, particular Rural Fire Fighters and Indigenous Australians refer to him as Uncle Bob.

Beginning his career with the Royal Australian Air Force, he then moved to the Australian Federal Police, the Tasmanian Maximum Security Prison, Canberra’s Juvenile and Adult Remand Centre and then 20 years as a Solicitor Support Investigator.

Anyone who knows Bob realises that he has always been for those that volunteer. He understands the worth of volunteers within communities and will support, encourage, protect and sometimes defend volunteers against those who do not understand or appreciate the mindset of volunteers. As well as being an Officer of the Rural Fire Service Queensland, he is the North Queensland Volunteer Disaster Recovery Coordinator and the Disaster Manager of Volunteering North Queensland. He has played a significant role in volunteer coordination and operations in Cyclone Larry, Cyclone YASI, Bundaberg floods, Rockhampton Cyclone and other Far North Queensland Cyclone events, and a key note speaker at several International Emergency and Multicultural forums.

Bob throughout his life has gained a variant of qualifications and accreditations, including National Accreditations in:

Bob was invited to join Lions in 2011 after assisting Ingham Lions and the Ingham Council to coordinate their community volunteers with the Cyclone Yasi clean-up – a follow on from working with the Townsville Council in their Cyclone Yasi community clean-up. He was a Charter Member and later President of the Kirwan Business Lions Club before transferring to the Townsville Ross Valley Lions Club in 2013 where he is currently Membership Chairman.

From 2012 to 2016 Bob has been the Cabinet Disaster Alert and WH&S Chairman, producing the 201Q2 District/Club Disaster and the WH&S Manuals. From 2013 to 2015 He was the Zonie for Zone 5, and he became the Western Region Coordinator and Zonie for Zone 11 for 2015/16 when it was identified that the Western Region Clubs were being forgotten due to distance. Richmond Lions Club gained a NO RENT Lion’s Den in 2015, through Bob’s contacts and negotiations.

Bob was elected 2VDG in 2015/16, 1VDG in 2016/17, and has nominated for DG in 2017/18.

Bob is not ego driven nor does he seek personal recognition. He believes in team work and is the first to direct accolades to those who deserve them. He, though, has been recognised for his work at many levels –

Bob joined Lions to make a difference. He has three mantras – Make it happenIf you are not part of the solution then you may be part of the problem – Everyone no matter who they are has something to contribute.

Bob: Ph - 0415 719 100

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